Training at the Friary – 2013

Hilfield August 2013

Once again we headed off to deepest Dorset for our 2013 stay at Hilfield Friary. The weekend was a chance for all clubs to get together and train. Although less people than hoped, we were able to spend nearly 8 hours over the weekend of really useful – and enjoyable – training.

We paired up and Derek had us all examining the focus of our punches and kicks. This led on to various line-ups with pads to study form and effect. A wide range of techniques were practiced but we lingered on Palm blocks and strikes. Hereâ??s something not on our syllabus… Cloudy palm! As usual, we all gained new insights into what we do and how we do it.

The Friary was its usual peaceful, welcoming place. Lesley did us all proud with a weekend of fine dining. The two evenings were spent around the wood burner in Juniper House, drinking, snacking and swapping stories.

Such a great weekend – we will do it again! We are booked into Juniper House August 22/23 2014. Only one house though so there are fewer places. Talk to Derek, Elaine or Clive for details.