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Karatekas Overcome Adversity To Earn New Karate Grades

August 12, 2023

Showing grit and determination on their way to success.

Karate is known to have many physical and mental health benefits, yet overcoming adversity is not always one that first comes to mind. In life you never know when you will face adversity or in what form it will be, often proving difficult to overcome. Today saw several karatekas face their own personal adversity, including illness, nerves, jet lag, tiredness and injury as they tried to focus on their grading.

The grading took place on Saturday 12th August 2023 and saw 14 hand picked karatekas from Sennen and Marazion MayoShinDo karate clubs attended their karate grading at Sennen. For the first time the grading took place durning the summer holidays which unfortunately meant several students were unable to attend due to being on holiday. This gave those who did attend the chance to really impress as the smaller group meant they would be under more intense scrutiny from their instructors.

The grading like the ones prior was split into two parts, the first two hours saw all karatekas demonstrate their ability, with Sennen Instructor Luke Jackson leading the grading. The second part of the grading was only for the higher graded karatekas who were subjected to an additional hour of advanced techniques.

Grit and Determination

The karatekas underwent a vigorous assessment which was split into four sections, line work, paired up activities, lines ups and kata. Karatekas would be assessed on several criteria for each of the four sections, for example during line work they would be assessed on their standard, their knowledge, their targeting, and effort, whereas during paired up activities they would be assessed on their cooperation, control and awareness.

The grading began at 9am and it was evident from the start that some Karatekas were struggling with the early start, however after a quick energetic warm up most were fully awake and ready to go.

Line Work

The bulk of the grading focused on line work with karatekas demonstrating their ability, as they showed off their skills as they worked through their syllabus. Some karatekas started slowly and struggled with their focus, though improved and overcame their lack of focus as the morning progressed. Line work also highlighted areas where karatekas needed to improve, mostly learning the names of the techniques.

Paired Up

During paired up activities karatekas showed great level of control and cooperation demonstrating good movement and ability throughout the paired up activities. Despite performing really well there were some things that karatekas will need to keep on top of and that is ensuring all techniques are done as correctly as possible and as quickly as possible as if it were a real situation.

Line Ups

The pleasing thing during the line ups was how well karatekas performed when having to deal with an ‘attack’ from an instructor. These ‘attacks’ varied from a single punch, a kick, or a grab whilst karatekas had to react to the attack in a correct effective manor.


Kata is usually one of those activities which usually cause karatekas the most heartache whether its due to the pressure of having all the focus on them which leads to errors and forgetting parts of the kata. However today was not one of those days, karatekas performed really well during their kata demonstrations keeping together as a group and nailing their katas. It was pleasing to see how well karatekas knew their katas and performed them to such a good standard.



The following Karatekas were awarded new belts

  • Zola Walton (Yellow Belt, +1 Orange Tag)
  • Torran Parsons (Orange Belt)
  • Gabrial Price (Orange Belt, +1 Green Tag)
  • Eden Griffith (Orange Belt)
  • Astrid Walton (Green Belt)
  • Sam Newbury (Blue Belt +1 Brown Tag)

The following Karatekas were awarded tags

  • Yogi Jelbert (+1 Orange Tag)
  • Nini Jelbert (+1 Orange Tag)
  • Darwin Heartford (+3 Orange Tags)
  • Eva Pounder (+3 Green Tags)
  • Eliza Thomas (+1 Green Tag)
  • Charlie Mayall (+2 Green Tags)
  • Ethan Callaghan (+2 Blue Tags)
  • Luke Scott (+1 Orange Tag)

A huge well done to all students who attended today, you did yourselves and your club proud by showing great determination and resilience throughout, not allowing any personal issues to derail their focus! To all students who we’re not quite ready or missed the grading due to being away on holiday don’t worry, keep turning up to class every week and work hard and next time could be your time to shine.

A big thanks as always to Clive, Denzil and Finn who helped assess the karatekas.

If you or someone you know would like to start karate check out our Cornwall based clubs located in Sennen and Marazion Where you will be warmly welcomed to come along and watch as lesson or join in. First lesson is free, enrol today and see the benefits karate can have on your life.