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Students Sparkle During Packed Bonfire Day Grading

November 5, 2022

Determination and effort key in students recent grading success!

On a cold, wet and wintery Saturday morning students from Sennen and Marazion Karate Clubs filled the hall bringing with them high hopes of a successful morning. The examiners were Clive Double (7th Dan Black Belt), Luke Jackson (5th Dan Black Belt), Denzil Searle (4th Dan Black Belt) and Finn Edwards (Black Belt).

Due to the number in attendance it was decided that the group would be split into four smaller groups of around nine students, with each of the four examiners responsible for grading one of the groups. This would allow all students to receive the same level of scrutiny and allow the examiners to provide a more through assessment of the students ability and performance.

The grading started at 9am, due to the cold conditions and the early start students were treated to a different type of warm up which was more intense and involved a lot of movement. This included basic loosening up exercises, paired up avoidance practise, paired up punching practise, break falls, and stretching. Although this was a warm up students were told they were being marked on it as it included a lot of karate based activities which were on their syllabus.

After the warm up students continued with the paired up activities where they took it in turns to aim punches at their opponent whilst their opponent had to demonstrate their ability to block correctly. Not only were the students being marked on the correctness of their techniques but also on their ability to work together, the range and control of their attacks and their coordination. Each student performed punches to different targets and got the opportunity to demonstrate various blocks.

We then returned to lines where the focus moved on to stances and movement which included 1-6 or 1-12, 7 dials and u-stance. We then moved on to miscellaneous techniques such as elbows, chopping, back and side fist and palm heel striking, followed by various kicking techniques.

Once students had gone through the basics we looked at stepping across the hall performing various combinations. Once this was completed the examiners got the opportunity to see the effectiveness of the students strikes as they held pads for the students to strike with set techniques. This is a great way to gage not just how powerful a strike is but if the student has the correct level of control and focus in their strikes.

We then returned to lines and focused on more of the basics that were worked on during the paired up warm up including punching and blocking this time to thin air as opposed to having an actual opponent. This allowed examiners to see if the techniques were technically correct and not just doing the correct action.

Once this was completed it was on to Kata, each student had 3 katas they had to perform, the difficulty of the katas were based on their grade. Even the white belts who are not expected to know katas yet got up and performed a kata to the best of their ability.The grading finished with an examiner standing at the front of the class stepping forward with an attack and the students had to reach to it with a correct block or avoidance and a counter. The higher grades finished up with some partnered sparring.

The results

The following students we awarded new belts!

Yogi Jelbert: Yellow BeltNini Jelbert: Yellow BeltTheo Payne: Yellow BeltDarwin Heartford: Yellow Belt
Louella Griffith: Orange BeltEliza Thomas: Orange BeltTreeve Price: Orange BeltAyla Payne: Orange Belt
Sam Newbury: Green BeltMabel Cheyne: Green Belt

The following students we awarded 1 tag!

Aneurin Baker (Bl 1)Ashley Angove (W3)Darci Griffith (Y2)Eden Griffith (Y2)
James (Y2)Joss Vavrecka (Y3)Sasha Vavrecka (Y3)Emlyn Baker (G1)
Lucas Carroll (W1)Luke Scott (W3)Eva Pounder (Y2)Gabriel Price (Y2)
Henry Golding (O3)Samuel Beckwith (W3)Tayler Key (Y3)Torran Parsons (Y2)
Thomas Chisholm (Y2)Sebastian Shannon (Y1)

The following students we awarded 2 tags!

Caitlin Carroll (W2)Niall Manning-Payne (O2)Alice (Y3)Ethan Callaghan (O2)
Sam Castle (O2)Charlie Mayall (Y2)

A huge well done to all students who passed their grading today, a special mention to Niall, Ayla, Mabel, Caitlin and Sam Newbury who all excelled across the board and deserve a special mention for their efforts.

Reminder that all students should conduct themselves the same in every class as they do in the build up to a grading, not only will you learn faster but also progress faster. Often students put in extra effort in the build up to a grading and this needs to the standard in every class.

One final thank you to Clive, Denzil and Finn for your help today and to the parents for your continued support. It was great to see so many of you there supporting your children.