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The first and last karate club in England! Providing Professional and affordable Karate Classes in Cornwall for kids and adults

Class Timetable

Below is our class timetable. Our kids karate is for kids aged 6+ and our adults classes are suitable for adults aged 13+ All classes are 60 minutes and cost £5.

Beginners Karate Class5-6pm
Beginners Karate Class6-7pm
Intermediate Karate Class7-8pm
Adult Karate Class8-9pm

Dojo Location

Our dojo/venue isolated in the Community Centre which is situated behind Sennen Primary School just off the A30.

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To book a free trial you can contact the clubs instructor Luke on 07504279716 either by phone, message or WhatsApp.

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Sennen karate club invites you to come along and start your martial arts journey with us. Learn the importance of self-defence, self-discipline, self-protection and social engagement.

Do you have the passion and desire to learn karate, what ever your reason for wanting to start we can help you furfill your potential. Sennen Karate Club has been running regular karate classes in Cornwall at Sennen since 1978 and has seen many students reach black belt standard over the years. Sennen Karate Club is one of two MayoShinDo Cornwall Karate clubs and is the first and last club in England. Our goal is to see students reach their potential in their own time. It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable and is allowed to learn at their own pace, not pressured to learn at a set pace just to feed our egos.

This weeks class schedule

Designed to be fun, practical and safe our kids beginner karate classes teach students the fundamentals of martial arts with the main focus on self-defence and self-discipline. Students will have a comprehensive syllabus to learn which will increases in difficulty as progress through the grades.


Suitable for all students kids and adults who are of at least yellow belt grade. Our intermediate classes are more advanced than our beginners class and are run in a more serious nature with the focus on learning the techniques and the art of karate with minimal focus on the fun element of the beginners class.

In todays society learning to defend yourself and your family has never been more important. Our adult classes teach you vital self-defence techniques whilst building confidence and fitness to enable you to do so. Our adult karate classes are for any adult or young adult aged 13 and over of all levels and abilities. 



Sennen Karate Club is the most westenly karate club in cornwall. We run classes from the Sennen Community Centre which is situated just behind Sennen School. The main hall where we train is approximately 20×10 meters and has a good flooring. We have the facilities to equip half of the room with specialist martial arts matting which allows us to practise our judo, break falls and rolls when needed. We also have the ability to hang several punch bags from the walls to allow our students to practice some solo bag work.


The dojo has ample parking facilities directly outside the venue, inside there are a male and female designated changing rooms with showers and two sets of toilets. The main hall is spacious with the option to have the heating turned on. There is a viewing gallery overlooking the main hall where you can watch our class. There is also a kitchen which can be used if needed.

Changing Rooms




Viewing Gallery

Latest Club News

Learning karate can have many mental and physical benefits leading to improved health and well-being!

Karate has many benefits including increased confidence, improved fitness and flexibility, building key social skills, and leads to improved discipline and respectful behavour towards others. Our classes look at many aspects of karate including kicking, striking, weapons, escape and control techniques, paired up work, pad work, kata and much more. Karate is our primary focus , however we also incoroperate Judo into our karate classes as they go hand in hand with each other. This teaches the students to throw their opponents, fall and roll safely, as well as important ground defence techniques. We provide weekly childrens karate and adult karate classes. Students will have a comprehensive syllabus to learn which will increases in difficulty as they progress through the grades. This allows them to set goals and gain a sense of accomplishment when they achieve them.

Our Instructors

At Sennen Karate Club all our instructors are fully qualified and DBS checked. We always encourage our students to better themselves, encourage each other and set an example inside and outside of the dojo. Higher graded junior students who always have an exemplary attitude and train to a high level are often promoted to a junior instructor role within the club. Junior Instructors are given the opportunity to help out with the beginners, teaching them the basics and helping out where necessary. This gives them a sense of responsibility and helps build their confidence as well as giving them the recognition they deserve.

Clive Double

Cornwall Head Coach

Luke Jackson

Sennen Instructor

Denzil Searle

Marazion Instructor

Finn Edwards

Junior Instructor

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How TO Enrol

New Students: We offer all new students a free trial class, this is to give them a taste of what we do and gives them a chance to see if they like it. If the student decides they want to continue training after their free trial lesson we offer a “pay-as-you-go” payment method for our classes meaning All our classes are pay-as-you-go. NO standing orders or direct debits. If you don’t train you don’t pay!.

Membership: Students who continue to train over a long period and show a keen desire to attend most classes will eventually be offered membership to the club, Members of the club receive several benefits including access to an online portal where they can track their progress, quickly book on to classes and take advantage of various payment plans.

Take advantage of this free offer, you’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Sennen Karate Club