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Sam defies the odds with Yellow Belt success

August 14, 2021

Marazion Karate Club member Sam Newbury pictured receiving his yellow belt from club Instructor Denzil Searle!

Marazion Karate Club like most clubs faced a crippling 18 months during the COVID pandemic, a period which nearly saw the club go under. With a thriving club pre pandemic sadly the same cannot be said post pandemic.

Since the club re-opened it’s doors a couple of months ago the club is starting to rebuild its member base after loosing all but one of it’s members during the pandemic.

The sole remaining student to return to the club is Sam Newbury who defied the trend and showed real determination and love for the art showing up for class every week when it would of been all to easy to give up.

After a last minute change of dates for our recent grading meant Sam was unable to attend, it seemed only fair to assess Sam over a two week period during class, unbeknown to him.

Cornwall Area Head Coach, Clive Double along with Club Assistant Instructor Paul Broocks, and Sennen Karate Club instructor Luke Jackson assisted Denzil with the assessment.

At the end of the 2nd week all 4 instructors were in agreement that Sam fully deserved to be awarded his Yellow Belt after showing a good level of understanding and application of his techniques. Sam can be proud of his achievement.

Keen to learn Karate?

Marazion Karate Club hold weekly karate classes every Tuesday at the School Hall next door to Marazion Junior School. If you or your child are interested in learning karate you can give it a try by booking a free trial lesson or contacting the club Instructor Denzil directly on 07780933207. We welcome all students aged 6 and over.