Rules For Students

MayoShinDo Karate Association

Before training you should…

  • Make sure that you are not chewing nor eating anything.
  • Make sure all jewellery which may be dangerous to you or others is removed.
  • Make sure your nails are short and clean.
  • Keep your Gi (training kit) clean and tidy.

The following rules have been devised to protect the safety of pupils and to promote the reputation of the MayoShinDo Association. You should abide by them at all times.

  • On entering or leaving the dojo (training area) for martial arts, you should always bow.
  • You should report any illness or injury to your Instructor before the lesson commences.
  • If you have to leave the lesson due to illness, please ensure that the Instructor is advised.
  • Any injury sustained during training must be reported to the Instructor immediately.
  • Always try to be on time for lessons: this means coming early and being ready to start on time.
  • If you are starting training late, warming up exercises must be done before joining in with the class.
  • During training you should show respect for all other pupils.
  • If necessary for any aspect of training, glasses and false teeth should be removed.
  • When working with other pupils during training, you should always bow at the beginning and end.
  • During training, correct suit colour combinations and grading belts should be worn. For external Club activities please seek your Instructor’s advice.
  • The torso must be kept covered when training in the gym.
  • During a lesson, keep talking to a minimum – it should be restricted to discussion of techniques only.
  • If you wish to leave a lesson early, seek the Instructor’s permission before the lesson commences.
  • No student is allowed to work outside his or her grade, unless authorised to do so by the Instructor.
  • Lesson, membership, registration and grading fees should be paid punctually when they fall due.
  • The Instructor will not be responsible for any injuries sustained during training, nor for loss or damage to the students’ property.

Training shoes may be worn at the Instructor’s discretion, for the following reasons…

  • Bad flooring
  • Infectious foot disorders
  • Damaged Feet