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This week we have 5 miscellaneous prizes for you to win.

Star Prize:  Sennen Cove Print By Jennifer Armatage

2nd Prize: 4hrs Gardening By Paul Rosewell

3rd Prize:  A Set of 2 Garden / Beach Chairs

4th Prize:  A Felt Collage By Margaret Price

5th Prize:  £10 Whirlwind sports voucher

Raffle Summary

Sennen Karate Club is running a series of 12 weekly raffles to raise funds for the club. Each raffle will run for 7 days and will have 3 prizes. The winners will be drawn at the end of each week and the lucky ticket holders will be notified. More details on our raffle terms can be found in our terms and conditions below.

Only tickets purchased during the week will go in to that weeks draw, If you want to enter multiple raffles you will need to purchase a ticket for each raffle. All tickets sold will be entered into a grand drawn which will be held on Friday 16th December where one lucky ticket holder will win £1000 cash.


You can purchase as many tickets as you wish, however once you have made your purchase tickets cannot be refunded. When the draw takes place the first ticket drawn will be for the 3rd place prize, the second ticket drawn will be for the 2nd place prize and the third ticket drawn will be for the 1st place prize.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a raffle ticket, anyone who has purchased a ticket who is under age will not receive their prize if their ticket is drawn.

All prizes must be claimed with in 1 month of the draw ending, failure to claim your prize will result in a re-draw. Prizes must be collected in person with a form of ID as proof of age from Sennen Karate Club.


Raffle Winners

  • To be announced after the draw on Monday 28th November