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Our weekly class timetable can be found below. All our classes are open to children and adults aged 6 and over. If you have any questions please check our faq page or contact us page, if you would like a free trial please fill in our short form

Mixed Karate Class7-8pm
Mixed Karate Class7-8pm

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To book a trial lesson at Radley Karate Club contact Elaine either by text, WhatsApp or by giving her a call on the number below and she will be able to assist you with any questions you might have.


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LEARN KARATE, BUILD YOUR CHARACTER AND PUSH YOURSELF FURTHER THAN EVER BEFORE. Will it be easy... of course not, but worth it... absolutely! it takes time and dedication, but the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices.

At Radley MayoShinDo Karate club, we run regular karate classes throughout the year including school holidays, with classes every Monday and Wednesday evenings. All our classes are held at the Radley College Sports Centre, Radley and are open to all students over the age of 6. Karate has many benefits including confidence, self control, problem solving, balance, coordination, flexibility, discipline and respect to name a few.

Like all other MayoShinDo clubs our club is run in a friendly, quiet and non-intimidating manner. All our instructors are qualified, insured and DBS checked. MayoShinDo is great for students male and female, young and old. There is no minimum fitness requirement to start, so anyone from 6 to 70 (or more!) can learn. Our aim is to ensure all our students learn safely and learn good technique but most importantly enjoy doing it. Start at your own pace, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve!

If you want to give our class a go just turn up on the night. If you have any questions then please contact us below. We look forward to seeing you soon. Your first class is free!

Learn the importance of self-defence, self-discipline, self-protection and social engagement.



Radley MayoShinDo Karate Club is situated at Radley Colege Sports Centre which is the central hub for the local communities of abingdon.

All our classes are mixed classes with the main focus on karate, however judo is also practised occasionally. Our classes are run by our national coach and chief Derek Collins and Deputy Head coach Elaine Jaycock. These classes offer a fantastic opportunity to train with and learn from the best within our style. The classes are small and taught in English. Our classes are mixed which means boys and girls, children and adults train along side each other.


Radley College Sports Centre is the hub for many sports teams and activities, including many collage teams. The facilities are great and include everything you would want from a venue including…


Swimming Pool

Changing Rooms

Snack Machine

Viewing Gallery

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At Radley you will be taught by Head of style and Chief Derek Collins and Deputy Head of Style Elaine Jaycock. The focus is mainly on karate and self-defence techniques, but we include judo in our classes too. Our instructors are fully qualified and DBS checked. We always encourage our students to better themselves, encourage each other and set an example inside and outside of the dojo.

Derek Collins

Chief and Head of Style

Elaine Jaycock

Deputy Head of Style

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