Oxford Karate

Find out about our oxfordshire based karate clubs

MayoShinDo currently only has the one karate club based in Radley, Oxfordshire and is run by our Chief and Head of Style Derek Collins and our Deputy Head of Style Elaine Jaycock. 

Radley Karate Club

Our Radley Karate club holds classes at the Radley College Sports Hall every Monday and Wednesday evening for Children and Adults in 90 minute mixed classes. These classes are family friendly and often see parents and their children training together.

Students who train at Radley will benefit from first class tuition from the very best our style has to offer, with literally hundreds of blackbelts trained in their years of teaching, Derek and Elaine will pass on their valuable knowledge and give you the best tools to take your training to the next level and to improve all aspects of your life.

At Radley we welcome all students aged 6 and over

Our classes cost £5 for 90 minutes