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New Junior Instructor at Sennen

May 20, 2017

The Sennen MayoShinDo karate club has grown over the past 12 months with the number of students at an all time high. With class sizes increasing it was felt that an extra pair of hands was needed to help assist with the running of the classes.

After some discussions between the club instructor and his assistant it was decided that after the next grading we would award our highest graded junior student Ruby Wilson a “Junior Instructor” badge.

Ruby has been training regularly since 2012 and is a keen member of the club. Ruby is a role model to all our younger students and sets herself a high standard to which the others strive to achieve. She is polite and always approachable, something the other students respect.

It was felt that the time was right for Ruby to take her training to the next level. With this latest achievement Ruby will be rightly recognised for her assistance in class and willingness to help out, whilst enabling her to teach the beginners under the supervision of the adult instructors.

Well Done Ruby, Fully Deserved!!