Mr George Mayo

MayoShinDo Chief and Founder

George Mayo was born in France in 1918 and started learning martial arts in his youth, although sadly much of the detail has been lost over time.

As far as we know he was a member of the Free French forces during the Second World War, and settled in Scotland after the war was over. He opened his own first club in 1948, and continued to study various martial arts.

Around 1955 he met Japanese Judo master Kenshiro Abbe, who had moved to the UK in order to teach here. Mr Abbe brought with him his philosophy of Kyushindo. During the 1960s Mr Mayo also trained with Shotokai master Mitsusuke Harada, who had come to the UK at the invitation of Mr Abbe, and Wado Ryu master Tatsuo Suzuki.

Through the late 1950s and 1960s Mr Mayo set up karate clubs in London, Luton, Bristol, Southampton, Oxford and Northampton.

It was through this time that Mr Mayo developed the KyuShinDo philosophy as it applied to his martial arts, and set up the Kyushindo International Judo Association (which also covered the karate clubs) with the blessing of Mr Abbe. He experimented with different approaches in different clubs – ideas from Chinese Pa Gua and Hsing I in one club, from Japanese ‘hard’ karate in another.

Ultimately, the ideas were gathered into a common karate syllabus formed in around 1985 and which has been under continual refinement since.

In 1986 Mr Mayo moved back to France, semi-retiring but still spending a lot of time in the UK. As he grew older he started spending less time travelling, but his senior students made trips to his home to continue their work. Mr Mayo passed away in December 2004 at the age of 86.