Karate Lessons
For Kids in Cornwall and Oxfordshire

Enrolling your child in karate could be the best decision you make for them!

Is your child aged 6 or older! learning karate will have a positive impact on their development

Children who practice karate are known to have higher concentration levels, greater levels of focus and are more discliplined than those who don’t learn karate. This helps give them the edge in school as their productivity levels increase, their home life benefits due to increased discipline and respect for others and their social skills improve due to increased confidence. We instill the same fundimental values in our students as you do at home. with respect, control and self discipline high on our agenda.

Designed to be fun, practical and safe our kids karate classes teach students the fundamentals of martial arts with the main focus on self-defence and self-discipline. Students will have a comprehensive syllabus to learn which will increases in difficulty as they progress through the grades.

Our kids karate classes include group activities to promote team bonding and teamwork allowing students to improve their leadership skills along the way. We also use games to liven up our classes. Each one relates to an aspect of martial arts and is designed to improve the childs development.

Designed to be fun, practical and safe. our kids karate classes teach students the fundamentals of martial arts with the main focus on self-defence and self-discipline.



Hard Working

What to expect from our classes

Students will learn from a set syllabus which increases in difficulty as they progress through the grades
As every student is different in terms of their natural ability it is important that we ensure each and every student is allowed to progress at their own pace and not to feel pressured to keep up with a pace set by us to push them through the grades whilst feeding our egos. We want each and every student to enjoy their training and from our experience this comes from allowing them to progress in their own time. Their development is our primary concern. We train in several different ways, from doing line work where the students will be given set task and techniques to practice on their own, to paired up work where students can practise their techniques on each other, but don’t worry we practise in a safe controlled manner at all times. We will not tolerate any student who tries to intimidate another by being over aggressive or being too rough. This comes back to enjoyment, we don’t want our students fearing their training. Our students learn katas which are a set of techniques done in sequence which helps aid their memory and because or style is a well rounded style our students will learn to “defend” from the ground, as a result of this Judo is also taught in our karate classes.

Kids Karate Class Timetable

We have several karate clubs offering karate classes for children. In Cornwall we have Sennen and Marazion karate clubs and in Oxford we have Radley karate club Our kids karate timetable can be found below, click on the club name to find out more information on the class or register your childs interest by filling in the short form at the bottom of this page.


Karate Club


Karate Club


Karate Club

Sennen Karate Club 
Fridays - Kids Karate Class5-6pm
Fridays - Kids Karate Class6-7pm
Marazion Karate Club 
Tuesdays - Kids Karate Class7-8pm
Radley Karate Club 
Monday - Mixed Karate Class7-8pm
Wednesday - Mixed Karate Class7-8pm

Benefits of kARATE

There are very few activities that can benefit your child's development as much as karate can.

Karate can aid a child’s development like no other sport or activity. Kids that attend our karate classes learn the importance of respect and self-discipline from the start of their training, learning to follow instructions given to them, learning to control their enthusiasm and focus on the tasks given to them. This leads to students becoming role models inside and outside of class.

Due to our well researched and refined syllabus set for each grade, students are able to set and surpass regular targets and milestones leading them to experience a sense of accomplishment that bolsters self-esteem and instils a positive “can-do” attitude. Given time, children start to build confidence in themselves and form a trust relationship with their fellow students which helps them at school and with their social skills.

MayoShinDo karate classes are great for helping children improve their all-round co-ordination with various activities designed specifically with co-ordination in mind. Students will gain from improved levels of focus and attention due to learning to focus solely on the task given to them and not be too distracted by what other students are doing.

MayoShinDo karate will help your child to improve balance, flexibility, strength and all round general fitness.



By filling out our free trial form by clicking the button below, you will receive an automated email containing an “information for new students” guide which will provide you with information on our style, how our classes are run along with other interesting information about our style. You will also receive a “student registration” form which can be printed and filled in and taken with you if/when you turn up to a class, as well as other important contact and club information.