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Karatekas Spring In To Action At Recent Karate Grading at Sennen

March 25, 2023
Karate Grading

Battling the early morning start karatekas showed great spirit and effort throughout the morning impressing their instructors.

On Saturday 25th March 2023 at 9am students from Sennen and Marazion MayoShinDo Karate Clubs gathered at Sennen Community Centre to participate in their karate grading that would test them to their limits both physically and mentally.

Unlike previous grading this one was unique, with the higher graded junior students being given an extended grading to that of the lower grades. They were also given a written exam to complete which consisted of 15 multiple choice questions.

The reason for this was to get them accustomed to the way a typical Black Belt grading is run so when the time arises for them to hopefully one day take their Black Belt grading the length and intensity of the grading won’t come as such a shock.

On to the grading, for the first time each instructor had a junior leader on hand to assist them during the grading, the junior leaders have been undergoing a leadership course over the past 2 months with the aim of taking a greater role within the club.

The students were placed into groups of 10 with 1 instructor responsible for assessing each group. The first part of the grading focused on the basics, beginning with students asked to perform various blocks, first in lines allowing the instructors to see if they were being done correctly, followed up with some paired up work showing the blocks would actually work against an attack.

Other techniques students were assessed on were their kicks, various hand techniques such as chops, side and back fists, how they moved, elbow and knee strikes, palm strikes, stances and kata. Students were also assessed on their knowledge, effort, control and imagination. The first part of the grading came to an end after 2 hours when it was time for the instructors to get together and discuss how the lower grades had done. Students could now enjoy a rest and refreshments, whilst the higher grades had their written exam to do.

The lower graded students were then called back to learn their fate and to be awarded any new grades they had achieved.

The grading then resumed for the higher grades with them looking at more advanced techniques often above their current grade, to see how they could adapt and overcome certain challenges. This lasted for an additional hour.


New belts were awarded to:

Yellow Belt
Caitlin Carroll, Lucas Carroll, Ashleigh Angove, Daisy Clemens-Wall, Jacob Darling, Luke Scott.

Orange Belt
Eva Pounder, Thomas Chisholm, Charlie Mayall.

Green Belt
Henry Golding +1 Tag, Ethan Callaghan, Sam Castle.

Tags were awarded to

3 Tags
Zola Walton: (W3), Sam Newbury: (O3)

2 Tags
Oliver Shannon: (Y3), Seb Shannon: (Y3), Mabel Cheyne (G2), Astrid Walton: (O2)

1 Tag
Felicity Darling (W1), Morris Curnow (W1), Eden Griffith (Y3), Gabriel Price (Y3), Senara Popp (Y2), Theo Payne (Y1), Torran Parsons (Y3), Nini Jelbert (Y1), Yogi Jelbert (Y1), Aneurin Baker (Bl2), Emlyn Baker (G2), Ayla Payne (O1), Eliza Thomas (O1), Louella Griffith (O1), Treeve Price (O1)

The following students were provisionally awarded new belts on the understanding they show the same level of effort in class over the next month as they did today.

Joss Vavrecka: Orange Belt, Sasha Vavrecka: Orange Belt, James: Orange Belt, Alice: Orange Belt, Sam Beckwith: Yellow Belt

All in all a very good effort from all students, my only wish is that all students performed like they did today every week in class, not only would they improve quicker but they would benefit so much more. When being graded it’s not just what you do on the day but how you perform in class every week too that is taken in to consideration. Todays stand out student was Joss, Joss today proved he has what it takes to be a really good karateka but needs to show it more often in class.

Thanks to Clive, Denzil and Finn for their help today.