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Junior Karateka Of The Year 2021

February 5, 2022

i am delighted to announce our Cornwall Junior Karateka of 2021, after 12 months of hard word & dedication, utilising every second in class to improve is, Astrid Walton.

Each year a member from either Sennen or Marazion karate club is awarded the prestigious “Karateka of the Year” trophy. This trophy is awarded to the standout student over the past 12 months.

There are many things that are taken in to consideration when deciding who is the most deserving student, including attendance, attitude, behaviour, focus and determination to name a few. All these things need to be present each and every week over the previous 12 months for a student to considered for this award.

This years award was without doubt one of the most difficult decisions to make. Usually there are only a couple candidates in the running for the award but this year we had up to 9 or 10 who were in contention. We’ve got such a great group of students at present that it really was a tough decision to make.

After much deliberation both Denzil and Myself (with the input of Finn and Phillippa) decided that this years winner would be Astrid. Astrid displays impeccable attitude each and every week, she always listens and does everything that is asked from her. As a result her techniques are improving quicker then most and she really does use every minute of every class to practise and improve. Astrid is also really polite and never fails to show her appreciation at the end of a class by coming up and saying thank you, something that I really appreciate. If Astrid continues the way she is and continues to enjoy her training she has all the potential to be a future black belt.

Really well done Astrid, fully deserved!! Keep up the good work!!! Big well done to all the other students too, your all doing a great job, keep it up!!