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36 hopeful karatekas in pursuit of grading success at sennen

July 23, 2022

Karatekas were put through a two hour grading which was both physically and mentally challenging.

Having been advised during the week how the importance of having the correct mind set for a grading was, it was pleasing to see that everyone had taken the advice on board and were fully focused on the impending grading. Karatekas used the time before the grading started to practise their techniques and warm themselves up instead of the usual chaotic charging around that usually happens.

This attitude set them up perfectly for the grading with everyones focus and attention to detail spot on for the majority of the morning. This grading was different to many gradings with the karatekas facing a greater test on their knowledge of how various techniques worked. This included testing them on various targets and whether they could aim to the correct target when given instruction to do so. Students were also asked to demonstrate their knowledge of our blocks, not only demonstrating they can do them well but they were tested on the finer details of how the block should work. One of the last tests students faced were with their kicks, seeing if they could perform the correct type of kick when given specific targets to aim for. The majority of the students impressed with their level of understanding and with their application of the techniques.

After showing a good understanding and knowledge of the techniques students looked at some pad work. Usually one of their favourite activities but one which can show up a good and bad techniques, often ones technique changes when it comes to hitting a pad due to the desire to hit it with power, thus leading to less focus on the technique.

It was then on to some line work where the older students looked at arm locks and controlling an aggressor, whilst the younger students looked at various ways of dealing with a punch coming towards them. We finished up with some sparring for the yellow belts and higher whilst the white belts practised some more techniques.

After a good showing it was now time for some much needed refreshments for the karatekas whilst the instructors discussed how they had done.

The results

Alice (Y) +1 TagAneurin Baker (G1) Blue BeltAstrid Walton (Y2) Orange BeltAyla Payne (Y2) +1 Tag
Danny Stevens (W) +1 TagEliza Thomas (Y1) +1 TagElliott Toms (Y2) +1 TagEmlyn Baker (O2) Green Belt
Ethan Callaghan (Y1) Orange BeltEuan Manning-Payne (Y1) +1 TagEva Pounder (Y) +1 TagGabriel Price (Y) +1 Tag
Henry Golding (O1) +1 TagJames (Y) +1 TagJamie Stevens (W) +1 TagJoss Vavrecka (Y) +2 Tags
Louella Griffith (Y2) +1 TagMabel Cheyne (O) +2 TagsNiall Manning-Payne (Y3) Orange BeltRosemary Downing (W) +2 Tags
Samuel Beckwith (W1) +1 TagSasha Vavrecka (Y) +1 TagSenara Popup (Y) +1 TagTayler Key (W3) Yellow Belt +2 Tags
Theo Payne (W2) +1 TagThomas Chisholm (Y) +1 TagTorren Parsens (Y) +1 TagTreeve Price (Y1) +1 Tag
Tumaini Jelbert (W1) +2 TagsYogi Jelbert (W1) +2 TagsSam Castle (Y2) Orange BeltSam Newbury (Y3) Orange Belt +1 Tag
Charlie Mayall (W2) Yellow BeltDarwin Heartford (W) +3 TagsEden Griffith (Y) +1 TagDarci Griffith (Y) +1 Tag

A huge well done to all students who passed their grading today, a special mention to Ayla who like a lot of students were told earlier in the week they were unlikely to grade for one reason or another, not only did Ayla show up when most others didn’t but her response to being told that she probably wouldn’t grade was “ok but I still want to go and give it my best shot” and that’s the perfect attitude to have. Well done to the other students who showed up despite being told the same as Ayla and proved a point today. Well done to Rosemary, Danny, Jamie and Darwin for attending their first grading today you all did really well.

One final thank you to Clive, Denzil and Finn for your help today and to the parents for your continued support. It was great to see so many of you there supporting your children.

Classes will continue to run throughout the summer holidays as normal!