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Cornwall Spring Grading – 2006

February 25, 2006

The Spring grading took place on Saturday 25th Feb 2006 at Sennen Community Centre. The day started with a junior grading session with students from Sennen and Marazion. It was a chilly day so everybody needed to keep on the move, showing off their moves.

Assessors were black belts: Clive Double, Clint Hosking, Lauren Double, Luke Jackson, Dave Warwick and Andrew Symons. Assisting were brown belts: Pete Walsh and Denzil Searle.

Having shown the movement, the blocks, the avoidance, the strikes, the partnered work and releases, the students finished with falling and rolling moves. Then time for refreshments while the team decided on the grades to award. (This is done on: standard on the day, club instructor comments, hours of training).

Everyone returned to “lines” and Clive awarded the grades, which were:

Junior Results

White belt two yellow tags to Tyler Rule, Joseph Burgess, William Hosking and Caleb Marsden;
White belt three yellow tags to Shaun Wood; Yellow belt to James Kettlewell;
Yellow belt three orange tags to Aiden Jehu and Sophie Thomas;
Orange belt one green tag to Jonathon Butcher.

Well done everybody!

The final session was for the seniors (which in our club range from 12 to 60). A couple of hours is not long enough to do everything but its long enough to make a clear assessment – also long enough for those grading to get completely shattered, especially as one or two brave souls had done both sessions!

Senior Results

Yellow belt to Cara Cook;
Yellow belt one orange tag to Josie Cayzer;
Yellow belt two orange tags to Belinda Warwick;
Orange belt two green tags to Emma Jehu;
Orange belt three green tags to Leon Hosking;
Green belt two blue tags to Jamie Hooper.

Clive would like to say “Thanks for helping, taking part or just watching and encouraging. It was great to get everyone together”. See you at the next grading around mid June 2006.