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Cornwall – New Class and Pricing

March 1, 2016

Just a reminder to all students and parents that the new class and pricing structure will begin THIS Friday 4th March.

An overview of the changes are as follows:


There will now be an additional class added to the Sennen Club on Friday nights, increasing the number of classes from two to three. The new class schedule will be as follows:

6pm – 7pm (Beginner Class): Targeted to Beginners and White Belts but is open to all students

7pm – 8pm (Intermediate Class): Targeted to yellow belts and higher, but also open to any current white belts who cannot make the 6pm class.

8pm – 9pm (Adult Class): Open to all adults over the age of 14 and to any junior graded Green belt or higher.


There will be a small increase in the cost of the classes, increasing from £2 to £3 per student per class. This price increase will effect the Sennen and Marazion MayoShinDo Karate Clubs in Cornwall. To help keep costs down there will be some additional discount offers available. These discounts are:


Multi-Class Discount: Any student who attends multiple classes on the same night will receive a discount.

  • 1 Class = £3
  • 2 Classes = £5
  • 3 Classes = £6

Family Discount: Any parent who has two or more children training on the same night will now be able to train for free!