Cornwall Karate

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Cornwall Karate

MayoShinDo karate was first brought to Cornwall by now 7th Dan and Cornwall Area Coach Clive Double. Clive who is a student of Derek Collins, opened his first MayoShinDo karate club (then KyuShinDo) in St Just In October 1987. To mark the occasion Derek, Elaine and students from Oxford visited to help stage a public starting-up demo.

St Just Karate Club

The St Just club started off at the Recreation (a.k.a. Drill) Hall but had several venues: in 1991 at Cape Cornwall School gym, 1992/3 in the Church Rooms, and 1995 onwards in the WI Hall. Clive stopped instructing there in around 2008.Shortly afterwards, Clive’s student Dave Warwick started teaching at the Sports Centre with friends and family and was joined by Clive and some of the students from the WI Hall. Unfortunately due to family commitments, MayoShinDo classes at St Just stopped around 2009.

Sennen Karate Club

In 1989 Clive opened his 2nd Club this time in Sennen, with the church hall being the clubs home for many years. However the club was forced to move venue in 1992 due to the church hall not being available on a weekly bases. The club now holds classes from the Community Centre which is located behind Sennen School. Clive has since handed over the running of the club to one of his students Luke Jackson who has been training since the age of 7.

Sennen Karate Club runs weekly Karate classes for both Children and Adults from Sennen Community Centre every Friday evening.  The Community Centre is located behind Sennen School and has ample parking facilities. We run 3 different classes at Sennen, a beginners karate class which is where all new junior students start, an intermediate class which is invite only and for students of a certain level, and finally an adults only class. Our junior classes are suitable for students aged 6+ and our adult classes are suitable for students aged 14+ Classes cost from as little as £3 per hour.

Marazion Karate Club

Our 3rd Cornwall karate club was opened by Clint Hosking in 2003 in his home town of Marazion. The club was originally located at All Saints Church Hall in Marazion but moved to the Primary School the following year after they built their new hall. In 2012 due to work commitments Clint unfortunately had to stop teaching. After a discussion between the higher grades it was decided that the club would continue and that Denzil Searle would be the new instructor.

Marazion Karate Club is located at Marazion School Hall and runs classes every Tuesday evening with classes available to Children and Adults. The venue has parking facilities and the hall has underfloor heating which is great for those cold winter evenings.

We run 2 different classes at Marazion, a mixed karate class which is suitable to both junior and senior students. This is a great class if you wish to train along side your child. Our other class is an adults only class. Our junior classes are suitable for students aged 6+ and our adult classes are suitable for students aged 14+ Classes cost from as little as £3 per hour.