Superb attendance during 1st official post lockdown karate grading in Cornwall

Karatekas from Sennen and Marazion Karate Clubs Impressed Cornwall Area Head Coach at recent grading!

Following a tough 18 months for everyone involved, with the on off closure of the club due to COVID, which has limited the number of hours students have been able to train and made retaining what they have previously been taught a real challenge. Despite this since restrictions have eased and we reopened our doors the intake of students has more than doubled! Each week the students train hard, show a real keenness to learn and are having fun whilst doing so. So 3 months down the line we held our first post lockdown grading and our first “official” grading in almost 2 years.

The grading, which lasted for two hours took place at the usual location at Sennen Community Centre on Friday 30th July which replaced our regular classes for the week. The students arrived at 5.15pm with the grading starting at 5.30pm.

The pattern of the grading followed along the lines of most gradings with students being asked to demonstrate their range of techniques to the best of their abilities. With some students only recently joined this was as much of a learning curb as it was a test of their skills. The grading involved a lot of traditional “line” work where students stood in lines and performed the task given to them, there were also opportunities for students to demonstrate their strikes by hitting pads held by the higher graded students as well as some paired activities  to demonstrate the effectiveness of their blocking and cooperation. 

The higher graded students were then asked to teach given techniques to a group of students with the instructors listening keenly to see how well they relayed the information and whether or not that information they were relaying was correct. All students did superbly well at what is potentially a very daunting task to perform especially at their young age. 

The grading came to an end with a short game of ninja, which is basically a scenario where its all against all and the aim to to touch your opponents middle area whilst being allowed to block and avoid the attempts of your opponents. A fun game but tough going when you have potentially 35 others trying to get you 🙂

It was now a nervous wait for the students to find out how they had done. After some discussion the results were announced and the students new grades are as followed!

A superb effort by everyone today not only did you impress with your techniques and focus but for most of you this is the first time you’ve had to do a two hour grading and your perseverance and determination was obvious to see, a BIG well done you should all be really proud of yourselves. For those who couldn’t attend today, your time is coming!

A big thanks to Clive, Finn and Phillippa for their help today and to all the parents who continue to support the club and their kids. For anyone wanting to know how the grades work and what the tags mean all is explained on our belts and grading system page.