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Successful Outing At Recent Karate Grading Held in Cornwall

March 16, 2024

Students proudly represent their clubs and instructors with an impressive showing at recent karate grading.

On Saturday 16th March 2024 at the unusual start time of 12 noon students began the gruelling and often daunting task of taking their karate grading. As always the students attending the grading were all at different stages on their own personal martial arts journey. Some students were only just starting out attending their first grading, where as others were looking to earn higher grades on their way to the highly coveted black belt.

The grading started early for the higher graded students, with so many things to assess it would of been very difficult to squeeze it in to a normal 2 hour grading. This allowed the examiners, who were the students club instructors to focus solely on the higher graded techniques and assess accordingly.

Once this was completed they were joined by the other grades and the hard work continued for a further two hours, which for the younger students this alone was quite an effort. Thankfully everyone survived and put in a really good performance, impressing their instructors with their efforts.

The Results

New Belts were awarded to the following students:

  • Ava Watts: Yellow Belt
  • Daisy Clemens-Wall: Orange Belt +1 Tag
  • Ethan Callaghan: Blue Belt +1 Tag
  • Morris Curnow: Yellow Belt
  • Sam Newbury: Brown Belt
  • Tumaini Jelbert: Orange Belt
  • Velvet Waller: Yellow Belt
  • Yogi Jelbert: Orange Belt
  • Charlie Mayall: Green Belt

The following students achieved a tag or tags towards their next belt:

  • Alice Lidiard: 2 Green Tags
  • Ayla Payne: 1 Blue Tag
  • Ben Cartland: 2 Yellow Tags
  • Finley Ward: 1 Yellow Tag
  • Gabriel Price: 2 Green Tags
  • James Lidiard: 1 Green Tag
  • Sasha Vavrecka:1 Green Tag

A big well done to all students who attended today, you represented your clubs and instructors superbly. A special mention must go out to Ayla and Eva who despite being told before hand that due to their hours and in Eva’s case only recently grading it would be unlikely they would achieve anything at todays grading, but both girls were determined to come along and give it their best effort, which is exactly the sort of attitude to have. Also well done to Finn and Ben who competed their first grading today, you both smashed it!!

Look forward to seeing you all sporting your new grades at class next week, keep up the good work and keep on training.