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Cornwall Junior KOTY – 2016

January 6, 2017

Congratulations to our joint Karateka Of The Year 2016 students Mawgan and Tegen Elford. Both students were presented the awards by 4th Dan and Sennen MayoShinDo Karate instructor Luke Jackson this past Friday night.

Ever since Mawgan and Tegen began karate at Sennen, their attendance record has been extemporary, often being the only ones to attend classes during the summer. Both students have shown great dedication to the club and the style and are always keen to learn durning class. Their self discipline and respectful manner has been a testament to their character allowing them to progress and continue to progress in the future.

This year due to the club doing really well with a regular member base turning up every week, it was felt that more should be done to show our appreciation and to give something back to the students for their hard work and efforts over the past 12 months making this a successful club. Several additional awards in the form of medals were awarded to students who had excelled in various aspects of karate.

The awards are as follows:

  • Most Respectful Karateka – This award was presented to Joseph Symonds who every week without fail thanks the instructor for teaching him. Joseph always shows respect to all other students and instructors during class.
  • Most Disciplined Karateka – This award was presented to Ruby Wilson who continues to show her maturity and persistence every week, always doing what is asked of her and to a good standard.
  • Best All Round – This award was presented to Jasmine Rimmer who as a gymnast excels at most tasks given to her, pushing herself to do better week after week.
  • Most Improved Karateka – Finn Edwards has been training regularly and was one of the first students to take advantage of the increased training times and regulary trains for 2 hours every week. Finn is a great listener and is always determined to do as best he can.
  • Best Attendance – Tegen Elford, Mawgan Elford were awarded this award due to their almost perfect attendance record since starting at Sennen.
  • Best All Round Puncher – This award could of gone to a couple of people but in the end was awarded to Jimmy Green who has a good technique and punches with great fluidity and intensity.
  • Most Spirited Karateka – George Rimmer is a student who will always give his all, no matter what he is asked to do. His often gung-ho attitude is refreshing to see.
  • Most Dedicated Karateka – Ruby Wilson, often training with students much higher graded and older(they’re not going to thank me for saying that) than herself hasn’t put Ruby off, in-fact she has thrived on it where as most would of given up.

All students have been fantastic over the past year and it was only fitting that they should all receive a medal to say thank you for their hard work and commitment.

A big well done to everyone for making this club such a successful one and hopefully one which is enjoyable to be part of. Keep up the good work!!!!