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Cornwall Junior KOTY – 2009

January 1, 2010

This year our junior achievement award went to James Harvey of the Marazion club, Cornwall. Although there were several deserving candidates, James has attended well in 2009 and worked hard resulting in a good level of skill. The trophy was presented by area coach, Clive Double.

Previous Junior KOTY are: Sol Warwick 2004, Sophie Tidey 2005, Caleb Marsden 2006, Jonathon Butcher 2007 and Alex Slater-Brown 2008.

Perhaps this award should be called the Andy Blyth trophy because even though he and Barbara moved from the area, he still supplies a trophy every year. He was also responsible for an earlier Karateka of the Year shield. We miss you Andy!

Mr Mayo also wished to recognise achievement within our Association. He provided 3 shields: Promotion, Loyalty and Interpretation to be presented annually on his birthday, April 16th. For many years we gathered for an evening meal, speeches and presentations.