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Cornwall Autumn Grading 2018

October 27, 2018

Today, 27th October 2018 saw our karatekas attend our annual autumn karate grading, which after some last minute organising was held in the committee room at Sennen Community Centre. Due to the fact this grading was held during half term, our usual room was already pre-booked and most of our students were unable to attend.

However those who could make it showed plenty of spirit and good technique to impress the grading panel of Cornwall Area Coach and 7th Dan Clive Double, Sennen Instructor and 4th Dan Luke Jackson and Sennen Junior Instructor and Brown Belt Ruby Wilson.

Congratulations to all the students who attended today, the following grades were awarded!

  • Alfie Lambourne – Alfie, a White Belt, was attending his first ever grading today, has been impressing in class and did so again today. Alfie was awarded his Yellow Belt.
  • Cooper Hitchens – Cooper came in to the grading with 1 Yellow tag on his White Belt, attends classes regularly but missed quite a bit over the summer. Performed well today and was awarded a second Yellow Tag.
  • Aneurin Baker – Aneurin trains often and shows a good level of understanding, just needs to improve his focus which will come with age. Aneurin did well and was awarded his second Orange Tag. 
  • Tommy Barnicoat – Tommy attends every class and for someone who isn’t a natural performs very well and is starting to add focus and weight to his techniques. Tommy was a Green Belt with 3 Blue Tags was today awarded his Blue Belt with 1 Brown Tag 
  • Finn Edwards – Finn like Tommy attends every class and always gives his best. Today Finn was awarded his first Brown Tag on his Blue Belt
  • Ruby Wilson – Ruby unfortunately could’nt grande today due to the fact her next grade is her Black Belt. Black Belt gradings only occur once a year so Ruby will have to wait a little longer to grade.