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Cornwall Autumn Grading – 2004

October 9, 2004

The first combined Karate Grading for all of Penwith’s Mayo Shin Do Karate Clubs took place at Sennen Community Centre on Saturday 9th October 2004. More than 20 students from the three clubs at; Sennen, St Just and Marazion took part in the sessions which lasted for almost five hours, from 9.30am until nearly 2.30pm. Four Senior Students were examiners; Clive Double (Black Belt 5th Dan), Clinton Hosking (Black Belt 3rd Dan), Lauren Double (Black Belt 1st Dan) and Dave Warwick (Black Belt).

Brown Belt Andrew Symons now has to be assessed at a special Black Belt Grading and therefore could not himself grade at this time. But he put his knowledge and skills to good use by performing the relevant moves in front of the rest of the students as a model.

At the end of the session the students were awarded their new belt or ‘tags’ (a part belt). This depended on their effort or ability on the day, although their time training and club performance were also taken into consideration. Congratulations to all those who worked hard and achieved the standard.

New Grades are

White Belt: One Tag to Gwilym Pritchard and Aiden Tremeer. Two Tags to Alex Rowe, George Hawken and Ben Baily. Three Tags to Jessica Stone.
Yellow Belt: Yellow Belt to Leon Hosking, Jonathan Butcher, Jack Evans, Alex Hunt and Ellie Pritchard.
Yelow Belt one tag to Sophie Thomas. Yellow Belt Two tags to Roy Mcinnes, Jamie Hooper and Fran Tremeer.
Orange Belt: Orange Belt to Sol Warwick. Orange Belt one tag to Jonathon Kapher-Diament.
Green Belt: Green Belt one tag to Kerra Jackson.
Brown Belt: Brown Belt to Peter Walsh, Andy Blythe and Denzil Searle.

Says Clive: “Well done everyone! – it was great to see everyone in lines showing off their skills. Just keep working to get better and better. That’s everyone – Black Belts especially! Thanks to Les for providing the refreshments, Belinda and Poppy for the photos and their work in the kitchen. See you all again in February 2005 for the next grading”.