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    My Child Wants To Start, Are They Too Young?

    We’re pleased you child wants to start karate, with all our clubs students must be aged 5 and over. If your child is over 5 we would be more than happy to welcome them along for a taster session.

    How do i know if karate is right for my child?

    In all honestly you won’t know until they come give it a try. You are welcome to come along and watch a lesson first with your child to give them an idea what to expect.

    How often should a student attend class?

    A minimum requirement should be for students to attend at least 1 hour per week. Higher graded students, orange belt and higher however should be looking to attend a minimum of 2 lessons a week due to the amount they have to learn.

    Can i stay and watch while my child trains?

    Yes, most of our venues have a viewing area where you are able to watch your child train. You might want to check with the clubs instructor to find out more.

    I want to try karate but am not fit, can i still try it?

    Absolutely, there is no minimal fitness requirement to start. We have students of varying levels of fitness. Your fitness will inevitably improve over the duration of your training.

    I have no previous experience in martial arts, would karate be suitable for me?

    Yes, we were all beginners once, all our students start karate for their own reasons, what ever your reason for wanting to start i assure you it will have a positive impact on your life.

    I feel as thought i might be too old to learn karate, can i still try it?

    Of course, you are never too old to start karate. Most people have the predefined conception that karate is a rough sport for big muscly men, which can’t be further from the truth. Karate is an individual sport for men and women where the student learns at their own pace.

    Is Karate any good for women?

    YES! despite the general view that karate is an aggressive activity aimed towards your typical macho man. It’s not and couldn’t be further from the truth. Our style of karate available to everyone and is based on traditional karate of self defence.

    What equipment do i need?

    You won’t need any addition equipment to learn karate, all training equipment is provided by the club.

    Will I get hurt?

    Karate is very safe and the risk of injury is very low. Injuries in karate tend to be rare and quite minor, such as an odd bruise and bump. Remember though, that it is ultimately a physical activity.

    What do I wear to my first lesson?

    Something loose and comfortable that wont restrict your movement. We train in bare feet so no need to worry about footwear.

    How long will it take me to get a black belt?

    On average it takes around 6 years to reach Black Belt standard, but this can vary as everyone will learn at their own pace and will attend different number of classes. 6 years may seem like a long time and other styles might advise a much shorter time period, however your progress is our primary concern no matter how long it takes, everyone is an individual and should be teated as one. We wont force our students to progress at a set rate to rush them to Black Belt just to feed our egos.