New Junior Instructor at Sennen

The Sennen MayoShinDo karate club has grown over the past 12 months with the number of students at an all time high. With class sizes increasing it was felt that an extra pair of hands was needed to help assist with the running of the…

New Assistant Instructor at Marazion

Paul Broocks has been training with great dedication at the Sennen and Marazion clubs, has a good way with the juniors and is always ready to step in and help. We were pleased to award him his Assistant Instructor badge. Well done Paul!

New Sennen Club Instructor

Now its official, the Sennen Club has a new instructor, Luke Jackson, Black Belt 4th Dan. Luke has been training at Sennen for 24 years. How time flies! Clive Double continues as Cornwall Coach, training at Sennen and Marazion. Clive says, "If a hundred start…

New Assistant Instructor at Risinghurst

Today Richard Waters was presented with his 'instructor' stripes by John Aylwin. John felt that Richard had earned his stripes through his dedication to the style, his MayoShinDo knowledge and because his willingness to always helps other students. Congratulations Richard!

9th Dan for Chief Coach

At the end of the 2010 Black Belt Grading there was one final surprise. Unbeknown to Derek, his senior students reckoned that the person who helped them achieve their higher grades should himself advance. As they say, "who teaches the teacher" Derek Collins, our new…