Andy and Barbara’s Leaving Meal

Sennen MayoShinDo club member Andy Blythe, a Brown Belt Karateka and an irreplaceable King Pin of our Cornwall clubs is leaving us to start a new life in Cambridgeshire with his lovely wife Barbara. So it was with a hint of sadness, but with great respect that Clive organised a farewell dinner and trophy presentation. But sadness was not to get in the way, when much fun, comaraderie and laughter was the order of the day at the First & Last Inn this Sunday lunchtime, at Andy’s and his wife Barbara’s farewell leaving dinner.

Andy and Barbara took head of the table. Clive & Les, Lauren and her boyfriend, Andrew and Luke were all there, as well as Peter & Cath, Clinton, Sol and myself. Andy had a couple of beers and entertained us with such funny stories about his past exploits. Andy has been a much valued member of our Cornwall Clubs for the last 5 years or so and he has brought a lot of positive energy to the dojo. Despite various physical ailments, he has always trained with a Karateka’s spirit and has kept going no matter what… a true peaceful warrior! In the past he has arranged club outings and has been constantly ferrying practitioners around to various club sessions throughout the week. Indeed it was Andy who started the Cornwall Area ‘Karateka of the Year’ awards three years ago.

I know that I speak also for all my fellow Karateka when I say that Andy will be greatly missed in the club sessions. A guy with a great sense of humour, never afraid to laugh at himself and a great communicator with the juniors. Hopefully he will eventually open his own club in Cambridgeshire and will train with Derek occasionally in Oxford. We will see Andy in Spring of 2006 when he returns to Sennen to grade for his Black Belt, We are all behind him and we wish Andy and Barbara a Happy life in Cambridgeshire.

All the Very Best to you both!

Dave Warwick