12 Months of hard work pays off for Ethan

Congratulations Ethan Callaghan, winner of the Karateka of the year award for 2022.

This past Friday Sennen Karate Club member Ethan Callaghan was awarded the Karateka of the year trophy after an outstanding last 12 months at the club. Ethan’s dedication and effort over the the past year has been excellent, along with his positive approach and determination saw Ethan as the front runner for the award.

Ethan takes over the award from last years winner Astrid Walton who continues to impress week after week and was unlucky not to retain the trophy for another year.

As always it’s a difficult decision to make as we have many stand-out students who could of also won this award, all i will say to those students is to keep up the good work, keep putting in the effort and who knows next year it may be you!

We as a club are very lucky to have such a fantastic group of well mannered students, who are a real pleasure to teach.