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100 Round Fight Raises Over £2000

November 26, 2011

The 100 Round fight was set up to raise money for Young Dementia UK. This was a Khon Ha event but Cornish Karateka’s Clive, Clint and Luke joined in. The Event started with a warm up and a briefing from Derek.

Mats had been taped together making 7 “rings” in the large sports hall. The 14 participants sparred to (pretty good) background music with a hooter sounding every 2 minutes. Time to touch gloves and move on to a different partner. Every 15 rounds, a short break with a couple of longer breaks throughout the 4 hour session. EXHAUSTING!

A very different experience to MayoShinDo paired-up work, attacks are above waist and to head with light contact. An interesting taste of a different way.

Congratulations to all the fighters and huge respect for the skill, control and spirit shown.

What a great day and what a fantastic amount raised for YoungDementiaUK.